Introduction to Computer Programming through Julia

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of computer programming using the Julia programming language.
The course is spread across 6 chapters. Each chapter consists of an hour-long lecture, followed by an hour-long interactive tutorial using Pluto.jl notebooks. Accompanying each chapter is a homework sheet designed to reinforce and consolidate the concepts covered in that chapter.

In the pages below, you will find the relevant material (slides, worksheets) for each week of the course.
Additionally All material can be downloaded from the Intro to Computer Programming in Julia GitHub repo

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Week 1: Introduction to Julia

Why Learn Julia? // The Julia REPL // Installing Packages // Pluto
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Week 2: File Format, Object Types, Plotting

Julia File Format // Basic Object Types // Collections & Data Structures // Plotting 101
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Week 3: Control Flow

For Loops, While Loops and the Bang(!) Operator // Conditional (if-else) Statements // Error Handling // User Input
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Week 4: Functions & Object-Oriented Programming

What is a Function? // Function Arguments // What is a Composite Type (Struct)? // Struct Methods
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Week 5: Math in Julia

Relationship to MatLab + Numpy // Important Math Packages // Statistics 101 // Vector & Matric Operations
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Week 6: DataFrames.jl

Relationship to Pandas + R // DataFrames 101 // Data Visualization
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Final Assignment

Exam questions to assess programming proficiency
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