The following sections provide some basic examples of EntropyHub functions. These examples are merely a snippet of the full range of EntropyHub functionality.

In the following examples, signals / data are imported into Julia using the ExampleData() function. To use this function as shown in the examples below, an internet connection is required.


Parameters of the base or cross- entropy methods are passed to multiscale and multiscale cross- functions using the multiscale entropy object using MSobject. Base and cross- entropy methods are declared with MSobject() using any Base or Cross- entropy function. See the MSobject example in the following sections for more info.

Hierarchical Multiscale Entropy (+ Multiscale Cross-Entropy)

In hierarchical multiscale entropy (hMSEn) and hierarchical multiscale cross-entropy (hXMSEn) functions, the length of the time series signal(s) is halved at each scale. Thus, hMSEn and hXMSEn only use the first 2^N data points where 2^N <= the length of the original time series signal. i.e. For a signal of 5000 points, only the first 4096 are used. For a signal of 1500 points, only the first 1024 are used.


Each bidimensional entropy function (SampEn2D, FuzzEn2D, DistEn2D, EspEn2D) has an important keyword argument - Lock. Bidimensional entropy functions are "locked" by default (Lock == true) to only permit matrices with a maximum size of 128 x 128.