In 2022, I was fortunate to receive the Wolfgang Baertz Award for my project proposal: Assessing Neuromuscular Function with Kayak Ergometry Training and its Translation to Physical therapy in Parkinson's Disease.

This project aims to answer 3 questions:

  1. Does the kayaking technique of elite athletes, quantified from wearable IMU/EMG data using nonlinear methods, relate to specific muscle control strategies and overall performance?
  2. Do individuals with movement disorders (geriatrics, neurodegenerative disease, etc.) improve their motor and respiratory function from a regimen of regular kayak ergometry exercises?
  3. Can the methods used to answer Q.1 capture adaptations in motor performance in the groups of Q.2?

Part 1 of this project will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Mathias Kristiansen and his team at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.
Part 2 will be conducted locally in partnership with neurologist Dr Deborah McIntyre.

About the Wolfgang Baertz Award
Following a generous donation by the late Mr Wolfgang Baertz in support of its research activities, LIH has set up a career launchpad award to fund postdoctoral fellows through €10,000 scholarships.
The initiative aims to support young researchers in finalising or initiating a promising and innovative research project, thus helping launch their careers.
The grant may be used to carry out additional experiments which could lead to a scientific breakthrough, or to generate preliminary findings to enable the awardee to establish his/her own research line.
This could include travelling to a renowned laboratory to allow the applicant to learn new techniques, develop research skills, bridge the gap between research and practice, initiate third-party funded projects and consolidate his professional network.